• Just had my 4th wrestling session with Dakotarose and had another amazing experience. I’ve had sessions with a few girls previously that overstated their grappling skills and were a bit of a disappointment but, when I first met Dakota she was totally honest about not having any wrestling experience before. I’m mainly into competitive matches so wasn’t sure but I thought I’d give it a go and had one of my most pleasurable sessions yet. I was blown away by how strong she was for such a slight woman and how keen she was to give me the experience I wanted.
    Anyway, 3 months on and I can safely say that if she told me she could kick my ass in a wrestle it would be no lie or embellishment. Today she had me tapping from head scissors, arm triangles full nelsons and even had me tapping seceral times to bodyscissors (her scissors really are something else now). She must have tapped me with her triangle four or five times. I think this may be her new favourite move. A couple of times I couldn’t last more than a few seconds in it before being forced to tap.
    She’s been accommodating and professional with the setting up of every session and had been an absolute pleasure to spend time with.
    Dakotarose..... you’re awesome!!!!
  • Amazing session with Dakota and Pennie, mixed wrestling and fighting. Fantasy Role play. Dakota is stunning unbelievably strong and highly skilled. The session was fun and professional. I’ve sessioned with many girls and can’t recommend Dakota enough. Book now.
  • Okay so just had a session with Dakota Rosey. One of my most favorite ones in a while. It was very easy to communicate with her via email. She replied within a couple of hours at the most. Plus, she can across as someone really friendly and fun loving in the emails.
    I got to her place on time and she greeted me with a lovely smile. Before I say anything, i would like to point out that her body is out of this world. She is feminine and in peak physical condition. Those abs, shoulders and bum are WOW!!!
    I had a strength comparison and wrestling session and it was awesome. She is very strong and quick with her moves. Some things that we tried were armwrestling, mercy, wrestling and she moped the floor with me, laughing and giggling for most of the session. What I really liked was that she is not very chatty and got on with the session instead of talking about things here and there. She is not a clock watcher. I could see that Dakota was focused on me and making sure I have a nice and fun session.
  • Madampennie oh my! What can I say. This lady is one of the most funny and amazing persons I have met. She’s very welcoming and accommodating she knows how to impress and is very strong for a cougar! She had me tapping to her scissors and she as some strong arms on her.
    I can’t wait to see you again darling!
  • I met Madam Pennie on Saturday 3rd of February. Belly punching and arm wrestling session she is a very strong lady. Very nice and in very good shape. Very sexy in tights. Definitely will see her again.